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Do you need information about a RAF crash in the Netherlands?

A couple of years ago I started researching the crash of Halifax JB803 and Lancaster ED706 in the Netherlands.

Doing this I came in contact with many people who were willing to help me wherever they could!


Through my experience gained by researching the crash, finding information and finding relatives I can help you with information when available. I also have an archive consisting most crashes in the Netherlands.


If you need any help? Please contact me!




I am David van Coolwijk, a world war 2 aviation buff. In 2018 I started my research on Halifax JB803 in Muiden and later I researched Lancaster ED706 in Almere. Not much was known about the crashes and no information about the crews was available. After an intensive search of 2 years I found 6 of the families of Halifax JB803 and all the relatives of Lancaster ED706.

I also have an archive of several meters containing information of almost every RAF crash in the Netherlands.

I work closley together with Ger Boogmans, an expert in RAF research. He has been a great help and inspiration to finish my 2 projects.

I am a father of 3 and married to Charlotte.


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